What is the Generation €uro Students’ Award?

The Generation €uro Students’ Award is a competition about monetary policy that is held in the euro area:

  • for international and European schools, and national schools abroad (e.g. a French lycée in Germany or a Spanish high school in Italy) by the European Central Bank (ECB); and
  • for national schools by the national central banks.

It is open to all secondary school students aged between 16 and 19. The students’ age will depend on the respective national education system, but they should be in their final years of secondary education.

All students are entitled to take part, irrespective of the subjects they are studying, and a team should only consist of students from the same school. More than one team from the same school may participate.  

The timeline* for the ECBs 2016-17 competition is as follows:

  • Round 1 (online quiz): 5 October to 18 November 2016
  • Round 2 (assignment): 28 November 2016 to 9 February 2017
  • Online presentation by finalist teams: March 2017
  • European award event at the ECB: 5 April 2017

For more information on the rules and organisation of the competition, including the new provisions on qualifying scores for the online quiz (round 1), please see the terms and conditions of the competition, or the FAQs for a brief overview.

*The timeline is subject to change.

How can I enter the competition?

In order to enter the competition, you first need to form a team and register for the competition on this website (please click on “SIGN UP” and fill in the relevant form).

After registering, you can take the online quiz.

How is the winning team chosen?

The final winners will be decided on the basis of the online presentations. Once all the presentations and question and answer sessions have taken place, the jury will retire to decide on the winning team, taking into account:

  • familiarity with, and accurate use of, expressions and terms related to monetary policy and non-standard monetary policy measures
  • the structure of the presentation
  • oral presentation skills
  • level of participation among team members
  • the method used to give the presentation

What are the prizes?

The winning teams (of both the ECB and the national central bank competitions) will be invited to the award event on 5 April 2017 at the ECB in Frankfurt am Main, which will include an award ceremony with President Draghi and the governors of the national central banks, as well as panel debates on topical matters and a sightseeing programme. Taking part in the competition will, of course, be a valuable and interesting learning experience for all those involved.

How do I find out about monetary policy?

To prepare the assignment and the online presentation, you need to work closely with your teacher. The requisite information is available in the “Educational hub” section of this website. Other relevant information can also be found on the websites of the European Central Bank and the national central banks.

Who is the contact in my country?

To find the name of the contact in your country, please go to “Contact” on your respective country page of the competition website. The contact for international and European schools as well as for national schools abroad can be found under “Contact” on the ECB’s page.











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