Preparing the final round

Preparation session at the BCL

The final round of the Generation €uro Students’ Award competition is approaching and the 2022-2023 edition is nearing its end.

The second round concluded with 10 teams from eight different schools. The top three teams chosen to participate in the final round are, for the first time, all English-speaking teams from St George’s International School and the European School Luxembourg I. 

A preparation session took place on March 14. The students were able to familiarize themselves with the course of the final and ask their questions.

The final will take place in person again on April 20 at the Auditorium of the BCL's Monterey building, after 2 years of videoconferences due to the pandemic. The teams will present their monetary policy decision in front of a jury of experts, followed by a Q&A with the jury that will push their knowledge to the limit. 

The winning team will be invited to spend two days at the ECB in May alongside the winners of the other 11 national competitions and participate in an event in the presence of Mrs. Lagarde. 

All finalists will receive numerous gifts, including collector coins, and will get the opportunity to complete a two-week student job at the BCL.

Taking place in 12 countries of the euro area, the Generation €uro Students’ Award competition organized by the BCL in Luxembourg is aimed at students aged 16 to 19 interested in economics. Grouped into teams of three to five and supervised by a teacher, the students must complete two difficult rounds in order to be able to participate in the final. The first round is a quiz about the Eurosystem. The second one consists of writing a monetary policy decision based on analyses of the economic, monetary and financial situation in the euro area. 

By Laetitia Shi, intern at the BCL's Communications Section and finalist of the Generation €uro Students’ Award competition in 2021. She is completing her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.