The Generation €uro Students’ Award is organised by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks (NCBs) for secondary school students in the euro area countries.

The competition is subject to the terms and conditions and the rules on this website and in the teacher’s booklet.

The competition is open to students in transition year and fifth year at the time of registration on this website. The quiz is the first of the three rounds. It is only possible to register for the quiz once, and to join one team in the competition.

Participation is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions, the privacy statement rules, and to the registration of the students’ names and e-mail addresses. By entering these data, participants agree to the publication of the name of the winning team, as well as of the names and photographs of the team members, on the ECB’s and on the respective NCB’s website and/or to the announcement of the said names at public events. The winning teams will probably be photographed and/or filmed at the national and/or European award event and the resulting photos/videos may be published on the internet or in other media.  

Players may choose to allow the ECB and the respective NCBs to contact them at a later date by e-mail in order to inform them about future competitions and/or events.

The ECB and the respective NCBs are not responsible for incomplete, incorrectly submitted or delayed entries in the registration process.

Teams with a score of 95% or higher in the quiz will automatically go into Round 2 (the analysis round). They will be contacted by e-mail and invited to register for Round 2.

Teams with a score close to 95% might be invited to register for Round 2 by e-mail.

If there are fewer qualifying teams than the minimum number of 20, those with the next best scores will be invited to take part. In addition, if a team cannot be contacted, the team with the next highest scores will be contacted. This procedure will be repeated until the minimum number of 20 qualifying teams have been identified.1
The winning teams from the second round of the competition will be contacted by e-mail. The ECB or respective NCBs may announce their names and the names of their members on their website or at public events, and publish the winning analysis. This also applies to teams winning a prize in the third round of the competition and the ECB or respective NCBs may publish the winning presentations.

The winning teams from national schools participating in NCB competitions will receive a prize chosen by the respective NCB. The winning teams from international or European schools and from national schools abroad that are invited by the ECB will receive a prize chosen by the ECB. Prizes are neither redeemable nor transferable. The ECB and the respective NCBs reserve the right to change the final prize without prior notice.

Furthermore, all the winning teams will be awarded certificates at the European award event which will be held at the ECB, where they will have an opportunity to meet the ECB's President and the governors of the euro area NCBs.
Jury decisions in the second and third rounds are final. Feedback might be given to teams participating in the third round. The assessment criteria used in both rounds are specified on this website and in the teacher’s booklet.

The ECB and the respective NCBs reserve the right to postpone, interrupt or cancel the competition partially or entirely. In this case, the ECB and the respective NCBs will not be held liable for any loss or damage that may arise therefrom.


1In respect of schools participating in the ECB's competition.