The final in sight…


The D-Day is getting closer... On April 4, the 3 finalist groups will compete by presenting their monetary policy decisions to the BCL jury at the Monterey building.

In recent weeks, since there have been important developments such as the Governing Council's decision of 7 March, the finalists will have to consider them in the final performance! Indeed, the latter will have to be consistent and updated in relation to the current economic and monetary context.

Thus, the Dynasty, One Direction and The Lion Kings teams, whose order of appearance will be drawn by lot, will have 20 minutes to present their decisions to the jury, followed by 20 minutes of questions and answers. Lowering, raising or maintaining the policy rate at its current level is the question they will have to answer, with adequate reflection to support it.

Once the jury's deliberations have been completed, an awards ceremony will extend the event, in the presence of Mr Gaston Reinesch, President of the BCL, who will give a welcoming speech. The result of the jury's deliberations and the long-awaited announcement of the winning team will follow.